Olivier Lejeune (@O_LJ) has compiled and maintains an important dataset of Coronavirus counter-measures (interventions) for each country (and US state):


I set myself the task of generating a reactive version to learn how to use the amazing dash core components in the Plotly Python open source graphing library (https://plotly.com/python). The app was up and running on Heroku until the end of July 2019 at https://patternizer-covid19.herokuapp.com. I have discontinued it now because the country level definitions are not homogeneous enough worldwide or reported daily to implement it.

For those interested in using or developing the code the codebase for issue checking on Github:


Olivier’s data illustrates really well how the globe has responded to the #COVID19 pandemic. Here’s an animated GIF I made with the app for the period 2020-01-23 to 2020-04-19:

Technical guidance at the country level is provided by the World Health Organisation (@WHO):