I was very excited to learn about the science communication of climate change attribution of weather extremes using spinner boards to illustrate the impact of changing probabilities.

The concept was nicely explained in the context of hurricanes in the landmark paper by Rachel Dryden and M. Granger Morgan in June 2020: A Simple Strategy to Communicate about Climate Attribution.

I wrote a Plotly Dashboard in python as a template for development of an online implementation of the climate spinner boards that can be used for Hurricanes, the Heat Index, Flood Alerts, the air quality index (AQI), the ultraviolet index (UVI) and tornados using the advanced Fujita scheme. At the moment I entered probabilities for Hurricanes from Rachel and M. Granger’s paper.

The codebase is here on Github if anyone is interested in developing this further with me: https://github.com/patternizer/climate-spinner.