Image Credit: UKAEA, Culham Laboratory, JET

I began my career in mathematical physics working under the super-vision of Professor Alan Cairns in the Institute of Mathematics of Saint Andrews University on the theory of wave-particle interaction in the hot nuclear fusion plasma of the Joint European Torus tokamak in Culham, Oxford. After a short spell working on ion cyclotron waves in the aurorae of Jupiter with David Southwood at the Blackett Laboratory of Imperial College, and a long break from the field, one day I will publish some old results that may still have a place.

Peer-Reviewed Article(s):

  1. Cairns, R.A., Holt, H., McDonald, D.C., Taylor, M., Lashmore-Davies, C.N. (1995) Wave propagation through cyclotron resonance in the presence of large Larmor radius particles. Physics of Plasmas 2(10):3702-8. doi:10.1063/1.871070 [PDF] [link]

PhD Thesis:

  • Taylor, M. (1996) Wave-Particle Dynamics in a Hot Inhomogeneous Fusion Plasma. PhD Thesis. University of St Andrews, Scotland [PDF]

Conference Talks:

  1. Taylor, M. (1996), The State of the Art of Tokamak Fusion, presented to the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group in the Department of Physics, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, London, UK.