I graduated from the Physics Department of the University of Manchester (UMIST) in 1992 and then completed a Ph.D. on fusion plasma physics in the Maths Institute of Saint Andrews University in Scotland in 1996. My first postdoctoral position was in the Space & Atmospheric Physics Group of Imperial College in London where I analysed magnetospheric data from the Galileo mission to Jupiter to study ion cyclotron waves and Alfven waves in its planetary aurorae.  I worked for the UK Institute of Physics for a couple of years in their scientific books publishing department commissioning and editing research monographs, graduate textbooks and popular science books in the fields of plasma physics, astronomy & astrophysics, cosmology, optics and atomic & molecular physics. In 2001, I lectured physics and mathematics at the University of Bath. I then moved to Spain and completed a postdoctoral position on ionised Hydrogen galaxies and planetary nebulae in the Astrophysics Group of the Department of Theoretical Physics at the Autonomous University of Madrid. I then joined the Herschel Space Telescope (HST) Research Team in the Department of Astrophysical Molecules and the Infrared (DAMIR) of the Consejo Superior de Inestivaciones Cientificas (Spanish National Research Council) and developed 3D photoionisation models and inverse problem methods for the retrieval of depth information in gaseous nebulae. In 2007, with a one year research scholarship from the Greek National Scholarships Foundation (IKY), I collaborated with members of the Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing (IAASARS) of the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) to develop finite impulse-response neural network models of the 1-6 MeV energetic electron flux in the Van Allen radiation belts out to 10 Earth radii. From 2012-2014, with the support of a Marie-Curie fellowship, I developed global models of aerosol mixtures and satellite retrievals of their microphysics. From 2014-2016 I developed neural network models of spectral surface solar irradiance for opertational retrieval of GHI and UVI. I then moved to the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics at the Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki where I produced and analyzed long-term datasets of ozone and UV products including Vitamin-D dose, DNA damage and photosynthetically active radiation to support climate and health studies. In 2017 I left Greece to work in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading in the UK on the H2020 FIDUCEO, ESA SST CCI and C3S EQCO projects applying EO metrology to generate and analyse climate data records. I am currently applying for jobs related to climate data and Earth system models.