I was born in Liverpool, England in 1970 when the monthly mean CO₂ concentration was 325.68 ± 0.12 ppm. I studied Pure & Applied Physics at the University of Manchester (UMIST) and graduated with a BSc (I:hons) in 1992. I obtained a PhD in Applied Mathematics in 1996 from the Mathematics Institute of St Andrews University on wave-particle interactions in thermonuclear fusion plasma. After a few years working at IOPP as a books commissioning editor and lecturing, I returned to research, and since 2003, I have been doing postdocs in the fields of Earth observation, remote sensing, atmospheric physics, space physics and astrophysics. I am a member of the Marie-Curie Alumni Association. My last post was in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading generating and analysing climate data from EO where I worked for the H2020 FIDUCEO, ESA SST_CCI, and C3S EQCO projects. I work on the GloSAT project for the Climatic Research Unit in the School of Environmental Sciences of the University of East Anglia.

I love music, languages and patterns. I play the Tzouras and am fluent in Greek and Spanish. I am crazy about solving equations and playing chess. In 1988, I represented Hong Kong in the World Junior Chess Championship in Adelaide. In 2009, I organised a simul with the Women’s World Chess Chamption Alexandra Kosteniuk in Athens. Once upon a time I played a 6-board blindfold and still ‘see’ more clearly in my mind’s eye. I might get round to dusting off my FIDE rating.

CURRENT WORK: During the last year I have been re-training in climate science. I built a quadrifilar helix antenna to receive APT weather satellite data with an RTL-SDR dongle and learned how to program a Raspberry Pi3 to automate the downlink and serve the imagery via a web app. I also  installed NCAR’s Weather Research and Forcasting (WRF) model. The app uses API to draw in hourly meteorological and hydrological data from UKMO and UKEA. To help during the pandemic I wrote 2 Plotly apps to visualise and provide a global daily update of Coronavirus lockdown status and to run a MCMC estimated country-level hindcast/forecast. I am working with Amy Catanzano to develop an algorithm for quantum poetry. I am also working on digital climate spinners to help communicate the statistical impact of climate change on weather and other atmospheric indicators.

RECENT WORK: EO metrology. Monte Carlo generation of ensemble fundamental climate data records (FCDR). Statistical analysis of ESA SST_CCI climate data records (CDR). Machine learning models of global atmospheric aerosol mixtures and satellite-derived aerosol optical and microphysical parameters. Generation of high frequency ozone and biological-UV ground data for validation of satellite products. Singular spectrum analysis of geophysical time series of SO₂ over China and trends in stratospheric O₃. Fast NN-based radiative transfer solvers for retrieval and mapping of surface spectral solar irradiance.