I was born in Liverpool, England in 1970 when the monthly mean CO₂ concentration was 325.68 ± 0.12 ppm. I studied Pure & Applied Physics at the University of Manchester (UMIST) and graduated with a BSc (I:hons) in 1992. I obtained a PhD in Applied Mathematics in 1996 from the Mathematics Institute of Saint Andrews University on wave-particle interactions in thermonuclear fusion plasma. I have 15 years postdoctoral research experience in the fields of Earth observation, remote sensing, astrophysics, applied statistics and scientific software engineering. I am a member of the Marie-Curie Alumni Association and the European Geosciences Union. My last post was in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading generating and analysing climate data from EO where I worked for the H2020 FIDUCEO, ESA SST_CCI, and C3S EQCO projects.

I love music, languages and patterns. I play the Tzouras and am fluent in Greek and Spanish. I am crazy about solving equations and playing chess. In 1988, I represented Hong Kong in the World Junior Chess Championship in Adelaide. In 2009, I organised a simul with the Women’s World Chess Chamption Alexandra Kosteniuk in Athens. Once upon a time I played a 6-board blindfold and still ‘see’ more clearly in my mind’s eye. I might get round to dusting off my FIDE rating.

CURRENT WORK: Re-training in climate change science. I am working on a remote sensing station that receives APT weather satellite data with an RTL-SDR dongle and a quadrifilar helix antenna. I am programming a Raspberry Pi3 to automate the downlink and serve the imagery via a web app I’m writing in Plotly Reactive Dash running on Heroku to compare with simulations from NCAR’s Weather Research and Forcasting (WRF) model. The app uses API to draw in hourly meteorological and hydrological data from UKMO and UKEA. Recently I’ve been developing 2 Plotly Reactive Apps to visualise and provide the global daily update of Coronavirus counter-measures and a MCMC estimated country-level hindcast/forecast. I am working with Amy Catanzano to develop an algorithm for quantum poetry.

RECENT WORK: EO metrology. Monte Carlo generation of ensemble fundamental climate data records (FCDR). Statistical analysis of ESA SST_CCI climate data records (CDR). Machine learning models of global atmospheric aerosol mixtures and satellite-derived aerosol optical and microphysical parameters. Generation of high frequency ozone and biological-UV ground data for validation of satellite products. Singular spectrum analysis of geophysical time series of SO₂ over China and trends in stratospheric O₃. Fast NN-based radiative transfer solvers for retrieval and mapping of surface spectral solar irradiance.

My current CV