The Love Equation and human thermodynamics

Image Credit: Anon

What is it about women and men? We love to hate. We hate to love. John Gray explained the battle of the sexes in his book “Women are from Venus and men are from Mars” – 2 planets either side of Earth where, by some cosmic fate, it seems we met in the middle. Like a high wire act at a circus, every now and then the forces on both sides of the love equation balance. Type “love equation” into Google and it will return 7.6 million webpages. Everybody from teenagers to mystics to psychologists, it seems, has their own equation for love.

Image Credit: Anon

So popular is the idea that last year Miguel Mas produced “Love Equation” the movie. Perhaps most intriguing was the development of the academic discipline Human Thermodynamics which is a fusion of particle physics, human chemistry, evolutionary psychology and thermodymics coined in 1893 by the English engineer Bryan Donkin.

Image Credit: Anon

One good thing is that both male and female mathematicians both agree on the equation for the shape of a heart – the Heart Curve. You can find it on nerdy T-shirts in the form: “I (x2+y2-1)3=x2y3 YOU” or in 3D in mathematical geometry exhibits: (x2+9/4y2+z2-1)3-x2z3-9/80y2z3=0.

Image Credit: Anon

My own love equation will probably include a dose of chaos. What about yours?

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